We have got used to a world that works... If you get sick, you go to the doctor, if you want to go to the other side of the city, you take the subway, and if you're hungry, you go to a restaurant and order something.

However... behind that simplicity, there is huge complexity. Many professionals that strive to make things work and a dizzying speed that drives ongoing change, innovation, improvement... A transformative force that, despite everything, leads us to a better world.

Where does all that energy come from?
All that change and transformation?
Undoubtedly from people.

We will only change the world if we manage to develop talent, get people to learn, be passionate and stay up to date. Only if we make them better professionals, with more tools to innovate, who connect with each other and reach that great conclusion in order to resolve some of the challenges that lie ahead. Only in that way we will improve people’s day-to-day and feel the change around the world.

Do you want to change the world? Let’s become a huge community of committed professionals that discover new knowledge every day, strive continuously to resolve complex problems, focus on unexplored paths to find solutions and work together to create new ways of doing things in the new world.

That is the impact of the Liquid Events promoted by RiC.

That is the result of driving changes by changing people, applying permanent change to talent and bringing talent together to improve the world.

We have been organizing events for 30 years.

From large roll-outs for an annual convention lasting one day to scientific congresses that may be content marathons spread across four days. Throughout this time, we have learned three key things:

Everything always changes, we see innovation in all disciplines and they all evolve at dizzying speed. The upgrading capacity of our professionals has become the most important skill and the most complex challenge as it requires time that is increasingly scarce.

We live in a global world, increasingly interconnected and where access to content is just three clicks away. Having a voice of experience rather than searching Google, sharing in first person and getting the phone number of the person that knows is more important than ever. Professional links have proven to be just as enriching, practical and effective when it comes to being a better professional than knowledge itself.

Science has also taught us how to learn better. Experimenting and generating memorable emotions play a key role in knowledge acquisition and its subsequent application. In order to remember, doing is much more effective than listening. You have to enjoy it and stay present.

If we combine that lack of time with the growing need to stay up to date and the importance of personal connections, experimentation and fun as teaching mechanisms, it appears clear that the format has to change. We need to attend events that we can dip in and out of and that are asynchronous. But there must also be times when we look at each other in the face, talk and do something together. And, of course, events that allow us to expand our professional contacts and network. We have reached the conclusion that the key is this combination and taking advantage of these five elements with very specific purposes:

Serial content pills to lifetime learning

Continuous learning, upgrading all the time so that the passion each professional has for their work and the accessibility of the content ensures they are always up to date, reading the latest publications, taking advantage of opportunities to learn. We get on the subway and watch an episode of our favorite series on Netflix. Why not a video on the latest technology in our profession? Why not the results of that recent study? Combining events with a content platform gives continuity to the training and allows you to keep your audience connected and linked to your brand.

Life events to connect & learn by doing

If it is in-person, there should be a reason for it. We believe in the combination of formats (online, hybrid, in-person, asynchronous, etc.) and the power of being face-to-face is clear, provided it is for experimenting, forming relationships and experiencing memorable moments, and not to do something that you could do from your sofa at home or your chair in the office.

Continuos communication for async relationships:

Social media consumes a large part of our day. Make it easy to access for colleagues, event participants, those that relate with each other at in-person events… Enabling them to exchange messages, information and stay in touch thanks to you is much more relevant than via WhatsApp, LinkedIn or exchanging emails…

Fast & relevant search to use knowledge when you need

We have too much going on in our heads, but we remember seeing something about the thing we need. We only remember a detail, but we manage to find what we were looking for. That feature is basic if you want to be a leader in terms of information. And it is a feature that is characteristic of good events.